Code of Conduct

Classroom Rules:

  • Genitals must be covered, topless is okay!
  • No play outside of class content, please.

Classroom Photo Policy:

  • You may take pictures during class, but you must get permission from anyone appearing in the photo or video, and have their permission for how or if it’s posted.
  • You may not take photos or video of anyone without their consent.
  • You are welcome to use your cell phone during the event to take notes and photos or videos of the ties you are learning (with consent as above).
  • We ask that you not use your phones for phone calls in the classrooms.

Arizona Shibari Studio Consent Policy:

  • ​Consent is mandatory for all physical contact, play, photography, etc.
  • Consent should be enthusiastic and should be clearly obtained prior to any activity!
  • Consent can be withdrawn at any time during play by any party involved in play!
  • Consent violation is grounds for removal from the classroom spaces, at the discretion of the Security Officer.
  • A.S.S. has a NO TOLERANCE policy for consent violation.

Consent violations can be reported with three methods:

  1. Verbal report to any Instructor or Staff Member.
  2. Written reports (paper forms are available from Instructors and Staff Members) can be handed to any Instructor or Staff Member.
  3. Emailed reports can be submitted through a link on the main page of our website, which will be routed directly to our Security Officer.

Anonymous reports of consent violation are welcome, however we will be limited in our capacity to act on such report.