Arizona Shibari Studio:

Arizona Shibari Studio is an organization of rope enthusiasts committed to rope bondage education for the Arizona kink community.

Our mission is to provide accessible high quality education on rope bondage while emphasizing safety and consent. We encourage the community to be dedicated to learning all aspects of rope, so that they can be more risk aware and intentional with their play to provide more enjoyable experiences.

Our Values:

  • To present education on safe bondage practice, from foundational to more advanced skills
  • To provide educational resources for all involved in rope – including tops, bottoms, switches, self-tyers
  • To teach and model healthy consent practice and negotiation skills (we use the RACK model)
  • To create a space where all humans feel safe to pursue rope, inclusive of all genders, sexual orientations, races, creeds, and ages (18+)

Desert Bound 2020 Shibari Conference:
Brought to you by the Arizona Shibari Studio.

We are delighted to present Desert Bound 2020 (July 2nd-5th), a FULL HOTEL BUYOUT, and our third rope bondage expo featuring nationally and internationally renowned rope educators, thrilling performances, a gala dinner on Thursday evening, vendors, dungeon time in the evenings, and a photo room with photo educators where you can create visual memories to last a lifetime. 

For more information visit DESERT-BOUND.COM!